Grabbers happily lives up to the early hype, serving up a very enjoyable blend of Tremors, The Guard and Lake Placid, with some tentacled splashes of Peter Benchley’s The Beast thrown in for good measure.

- Stephen Carty, Empire. Read the full review here

4 stars. Grabbers is a bibulous riff on War of the Worlds, of course, although it plays its gleefully silly premise poker-straight, and could teach self-reflexive Hollywood projects such as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a thing or six about irony.

- Robbie Collin, The Telegraph. Read the full review here

Grabbers turns out to be a very respectable entertainment that makes enormously crafty use of its small budget. The computer-generated creatures look very much up to scratch. The acting is excellent throughout.

- Donald Clarke, Irish Times. Read the full review here

Kevin Lehane’s smart script is canny enough to sidestep the expectations of fans who might think they know how films like this are supposed to play out, while the monsters are as well-realised as anything in far more costly productions.

- Kim Newman, Screen International. Read the full review here

4 stars. Credit must land at the foot of helmer Wright, who nails the tricky tone and handles the set-pieces from Kevin Lehane’s witty script wonderfully. A surprisingly slick, funny and entertaining Irish horror comedy.

- Mike Sheridan, Read the full review here

Funny, warm, scary, and an absolute treat for its brisk 90 minutes Grabbers is easily one of the best movies to come from these shores in years. Irish or not this deserves to find as wide an audience as possible and shame on anyone that misses out.

- Niall Murphy, Read the full review here

4 stars. That’s the thing about Grabbers – it takes nearly every horror and Oirish cliché and still manages to shake them up for laughs and frighteners.

- Alan Corr, Read the full review here

5 stars. Overall Grabbers is a genuine turning point for Irish cinema in look and style. That aside, as a movie its hilarious, incredibly well written and superbly shot and offers a great nights entertainment. Truly Tentacular!!!!!

- Vic Barry, The Movie Bit Read the full review here

4.5 stars. Grabbers manages to not only deliver on the promise of the plot but also exceeds these expectations. Not only is it great monstermovie, it’s also a brilliant comedy and a great advert for Irish pubs

- Nat Smith, Front Row Reviews. Read the full review here

4 stars. More than anything, however, Grabbers is simply a great movie. It’s well made, brilliantly acted and lovingly shot, drawing you in with roguish Irish charm and likeable characters before making you cringe, gasp and jump back in surprise with its novel creature design and surprisingly spectacular set-pieces…… Grabbers is one of the best horror movies you’ll see this year.

- Steven Neish, Hey U Guys. Read the full review here

4 stars. Feeling like a curious half-breed between the rambunctious islander comedy of the charming Waking Ned, and Joon-Ho Bong’s grand, character-centric creature feature The Host, Grabbers is a thoroughly charming and welcome blend of terror and blarney.

- Scott Macdonald, Eye for Film. Read the full review here

This film really could have been made just for me. It’s funny, suspenseful, scary, deliciously vulgar and delightfully whimsical.

- Ryan McNeely, Edinburgh Reporter. Read the full review here

4 stars. With a wacky concept, laugh out loud gags and some moments of genuine terror, this low-budget Irish monster film ticks all the boxes necessary to make it a cult smash.

- New In Cinema. Read the full review here

A great combination of B-movie SciFi roots, horror and character driven humour, great cast and a lot of heart (plus some nice homages to other genre greats, including a brilliant Aliens pastiche), Grabbers is simply perfect late night movie viewing – in fact I think this is the most enjoyable comedy-horror I have seen since the Nathan Fillion-starring Slither.

- Forbidden Planet International. Read the full review here

4 stars. A hugely enjoyable, imaginative and often hilarious monster movie with as much heart as it has bite. A little gem of a film.

- Ross Miller, Thoughts on Film. Read the full review here